Terms and conditions

Funds will be transferred by the Bank through Fawri service under the following conditions:

1. The Bank shall open a CIF according to this agreement whereas the transfers are performed regardless of the type of the transfers.
2. The Customer undertakes to provide, the Bank, his/her information and the beneficiaries information accurately.
3. All Transfers shall be performed in accordance with the policies and the document approved by the Sharia Board of Bank AlJazira .
4. The Customer has agreed to provide the Bank with his/her specimen signature. Such specimen(s) shall be lawful and certified for all operations carried out by the Customer pursuant to this Agreement.
5. The Bank shall not accept dealing, pursuant to this agreement, with/through any signatory authorized by the Customer.
6. Dealing with Bank according to this agreement shall be by the Customer personally.
7. The Bank shall not accept sending of any Transfers for any illegal purpose such as sending Transfers to usurious accounts or to the benefit of those promoting or managing gambling games or for the purchase of prohibited commodity. The Bank shall assume no liabilities towards the customer or the others in returning any Transfer of such kinds to the Customer.
8. The Bank shall be entitled to collect certain charges from the customer as declared at the Bank's branches or electronics channels or in both, as payment for the Transfers service provided.
9. The Bank's record, documents and accents (and other documents generated by the Bank), in respect of this Agreement, shall be deemed correct and shall be a decisive/conclusive evidence in deciding any dispute as between the bank and the customer who agrees not to object /contest decisions/judgment/orders based on such evidence.
10. The Terms and Conditions shall apply to Transfers services whether such services were obtained before or after entering this agreement.
11. The Customer shall. Keep his/her identification documents valid (ID card, passport, or iqama) and regularly update his/her data and information (every three (3) years as a maximum and immediately present to the Bank on original ID when renewed or updated by any competent authority, or when requested by the bank. should the Customer fail to comply with these requirements, the Bank shall be entitled to block his/her CIF immediately without any prior notice. Closing/holding the CIF shall not abate any claims or fesses due to the bank which the customer shall be bound to pay before closing/holding the CIF.
12. The Customer undertakes at all times to notify the Bank in writing of any change(s) in his/her addresses otherwise, the last previous addresses provided by the Customer shall be considered the approved addresses for sending correspondences .
13. The Bank shall make every reasonable effort to process the Customer's instructions. neither the Bank nor any of its officers or employees shall be responsible for any loss or damage that may result from or due to executing these institutions, unless such loss or damage proved to be direct result of gross negligence or deliberate wrongful act committed by the Bank.
14. The Customer agrees to provide the bank with any information or data requested by the Bank for establishing / amendment the CIF with the Bank and for its review and management.
15. The Customer hereby declares that she/he is not legally prohibited from dealing pursuant to this agreement and that all representations, information or data he/she presented or shall represent to the Bank are true based on which this agreement has been executed.
16. the Customer hereby claims liability before all competent authorities for the monies he/she provides in dealing with the bank and shall notify such authorities immediately on any suspicious monies or such monies he/she is not entitled to, whether such monies were transferred with or without his/she acknowledged and whether he/she has used it or not, the Customer also declares the such monies came from lawful sources and are free from both forgery and counterfeiting ,the Customer shall have no right of refund or compensation for any bogus or fake monies delivered to the Bank.
17. The bank, at its sole discretion ,reserves the right at any times to vary or amend any of these terms and conditions and the practices and chargers relating thereto. before any such variation or amendment come into effect, the bank shall notify the Customer of the same through any means, such as through its branches, electronics channels or the customer's latest addresses contained in the bank's records ,or in all non objections by the customer to such variations or amendments within ten 10 days from the notification date , while continuing to deal with the bank, shall be deemed an acceptance by the customer of the variations or amendments, should the customer disagree on such variations or amendments, the customer may request the bank in writing to close his/this CIF. Closing the CIF shall not abate any claims or fesses due to the bank which the customer shall be bound to pay before closing the CIF.
18. this agreement shall continue to be valid and effective until the date of termination thereof, if any or shall remain enforceable indefinitely any instructions to close the CIF or cancel this agreement must be delivered to the bank in writing. Closing the CIF or cancel the agreement shall not abate any claims or fees due to the bank which the customer shall be bound to pay before closing the CIF or cancel this agreement.
19. In the event that any one or more of the terms and Condition becomes invalid, illegal, or unenforceable for any reason, all other pro visions shall remain in full force and enforceable.
20. This Agreement has been executed in the Arabic and English languages. The Customer and the Bank agree that the Arabic language shall prevail over the English language in case of conflict.
21. This Agreement shall be subject to Saudi laws and regulations and Instructions issued by Saudi Central Bank. Those laws, regulations and instructions shall comply with Islamic sharia Principles. Any claim or dispute arises due to the execution or interpretation of these Terms and conditions shall be brought to the competent judicial authority.
22. Value Added Tax (VAT) will be levied on remittance transfer fees.


I, the undersigned, hereby declare that I have read and understood the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement and unconditionally and irrevocably agree that the Terms and Conditions shall immediately become effective, enforceable and binding to me, and that all information and data I presented to the Bank, based on which this Agreement has been executed are true and valid. I, the undersigned, hereby declare that I sell abide by the general terms and conditions that may be prescribed by the Bank from time to time in connection with this Agreement or Transfers services as may by amended or varied from time to time. I also hereby declare that the above Terms and Conditions, as may be amended or varied, shall govern this agreement and the relationship between me and the bank.

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