We send money to over 200+ countries and territories around the world with services available from MoneyGram, RIA and Direct Banking Partners.

You can register your CIF online here, then visit nearest branch. It will help you to save your time.

Fawri have 61+ centers across Saudi Arabia available in all the major cities. In order to find a FAWRI center near your location , please click here

Your money is in safe hands with us ,special rate and the lowest service charge.

Best rates and Low fees!

With inception in 2013, have been providing Money Transfer and Currency Exchange services to our millions of happy customers ever since, through our best exchange rates with lowest transfer fee.

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Money transfer in a Fawri

Your time is precious,and we totally get it with Fawri, sending money is simple, Just visit us

Best Exchange Rates

We offer best exchange rate and best service charge for all the countries

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FAWRI offers best services and competitive prices for the remittance

We Give Save And Secure

We have safest and a secure way to send remittance across the world, You money is safe with us

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